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It's simple:
Some manufacturers prefer to price protect their products by choosing to not allow their retailers to advertising (show) their products at a price below their recommended selling price. These products are listed on our site with a "MAP" label above the price. For these items, we must show the manufactures "Minimum Advertised Price" (MAP) to satisfy the manufacturer while you are just visiting (not logged into) our site. Example:

Logging into our site however is like walking through the front door of our retail store. Once in our store, we can show you our discounted price if we have one, while still complying with the manufacturers MAP pricing policies.

While logging in to our site is risk free (we do not share your information with anyone, and you are not committed to buy), you may prefer to surf our site anonymously. You can also see our "Club Price" for items marked with a "MAP" by simply clicking the "Buy Now" button. This will add the item to your cart where the price will be revealed. Again, by adding items to your cart, you are under no obligation to purchase unless you choose to complete the checkout process.

This is why it might seem like we are asking you to "jump through hoops" to see our discounted prices. This is not of our doing or our choice; we simply choose to be 100% compliant with our manufacturers selling policies on these select MAP  items.

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