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Barron Guss

Barron Guss has been involved in modeling since the age of seven when his father first introduced him to the joys of gluing balsa sticks together using Ambroid and ‘T’ pins on mom’s dining room table!

He has enjoyed the hobby to the fullest as a competitor in pattern and racing events, ‘globe trotting’ demonstration pilot of the world’s first turbine powered 747, or in his role as Team Manager of the 2003 United States F3C Helicopter Team competing in Japan at the World Championships.

He has worked as a design consultant for such companies as Sophia Turbines, TSK, Kalt, JR, K&S and OK Model and most recently he decided to do for himself what he has done for others with the creation of XeroG Heliinovations. In two years XeroG has gained a reputation of extreme quality and performance with their line of CCPM glow and electric power conversion kits for the Raptor line of helicopters. In fact the XeroG 600EP holds the FAI speed record for electric powered helicopters as well as winning the ‘open class’ drag races at the 2005 IRCHA Jamboree.

Barron's non-modeling career includes: CEO of a nationally recognized employment services firm, he has been married to his wife Dede for 19 years and has three children Raquel, Zachary and Madison. He serves on a number of national and community boards, he is a member of YPO, Rotary and is a Lifetime Member of the AMA.

It has always been Barron’s dream of opening a hobby shop and he couldn’t think of a better person to do it than with his long time friend Len Sabato. Barron feels with Len’s solid industry experience and his strong business background Advantage will quickly become a leader known for innovative products, exceptional service and a commitment to community.