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Battery Connectors/Accessories

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1S High-Current Ultra Micro Battery Adapter Lead

E-flite PN# EFLA7002UM

Banana Plug Set

E-flite PN# EFLA247

Charger Lead with JST Female

E-flite PN# EFLA230

Charger Lead with Receiver Connector

E-flite PN# EFLA231

Charger Lead with Transmitter Connector

E-flite PN# EFLA232

EC3 Battery Connector (2)

E-flite PN# EFLAEC302

EC3 Battery Connector with 4" Wire, 13AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC305

EC3 Battery Parallel Y-Harness, 13AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC307

EC3 Battery Series Harness, 13AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC308

EC3 Device & Battery Connector

E-flite PN# EFLAEC303

EC3 Device Connector (2)

E-flite PN# EFLAEC301

EC3 Device Connector with 4" Wire, 13AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC304

EC3 Extension Lead with 6" Wire, 13AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC306

EC3 Extension Lead with 6" Wire, 16AWG

E-flite PN# EFLAEC311

Female Bullet Plug with Lead (2)

E-flite PN# EFLA239

Gold Banana Plug Set with Screws

E-flite PN# EFLA234

Gold Bullet Connector Set, 2mm (3)

E-flite PN# EFLA248

Gold Bullet Connector Set, 4mm (3)

E-flite PN# EFLA249

Gold Bullet Connector Set,3.5mm (3)

E-flite PN# EFLA241

JST RCY Male Conn w/Lead, 20 Gauge (2)

E-flite PN# EFLA242

Male Bullet Plug with Lead (2)

E-flite PN# EFLA238

Tamiya Female to JST Female Adapter

E-flite PN# EFLA237

Tamiya Female to Mini Tamiya Female Adapter

E-flite PN# EFLA245

Tamiya Female to Receiver Female Adapter

E-flite PN# EFLA236

Tamiya Lead, Female 14 Gauge

E-flite PN# EFLA235

Tamiya Series Y-Harness

E-flite PN# EFLA246

Tamiya Series Y-Harness

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