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Air/Heli Simulators

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0970 Refill Filament 20 Color x 5 Meter 10 ABS/10 PLA

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO0970

8009 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft Transparent

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8009

8016 Wood Filament 1312ft Natural

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8016

8023 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft White

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8023

8047 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft Red

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8047

8054 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft Yellow

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8054

8061 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft Violet

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8061

8078 Flex Rubber Filament 1049ft Blue

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO8078

Decal Bonder Refill Spray

Testor Corp. PN# TES9200

Decal Paper - Assortment

Testor Corp. PN# TES9203T

Decal Paper - Assortment

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Decal Paper - Clear

Testor Corp. PN# TES9201

Decal Paper - White

Testor Corp. PN# TES9202T

Phoenix Airtronics/Sanwa Adapter


Phoenix Artech 100C/Walkera 2801 Adapter


Phoenix Futaba FX-18 Adapter


Phoenix Futaba/Hitec Round Adapter


RealFlight G3 and Above Expansion Pack 4

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4114

RealFlight G5 and Above Expansion Pack 7

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4117

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4550

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4558

RealFlight RF-X Software Only

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4548

RealFlight RF-X with Interlink-X

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4540

RealFlight Transmitter Adapter: FUT Micro Plug

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4064

RealFlight Wireless Interface Only

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ5020

Simulator for Yuneec Aircraft

Yuneec... PN# YUNSIM

SKYV3 SkyWriter3D Hand Held 3D Priting Pen

Mind 2 Market PN# MDOSKYV3

DX5e DSMX 5-Channel Tx/w AR600 Receiver MD1 AND FS One V2 Simulator!

Spektrum PN# SPM55101C

DX5e DSMX 5-Channel Tx/w AR600 Receiver MD2 AND FS One V2 Simulator!

Spektrum PN# SPM5510C

RealFlight Drone Simulator w/InterLink Elite Mode 2

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ4800

Realflight RF-X Interlink-X Controller Only

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ5000

RealFlight Wired Interface Only No Softwre

Great Planes PN# GPMGPMZ5024

7736 PLA Filament 1312ft Transparent Green

Mind 2 Market PN# MDO7736