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Glow Engines, 4 Cycle, Airplane

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100 FA-AAC with Muffler: QQ

Saito Engines PN# SAIE100

150B AAC With Muffler:BI

Saito Engines PN# SAIE150B

180B (New Case) AAC w/Muffler : BK

Saito Engines PN# SAIE180B

182 Twin Cylinder Dual Plug: DD

Saito Engines PN# SAIE182TD

61cc 4-Stroke Gas Twin Engine (CC)

Saito Engines PN# SAIEG61TS

7 Cyl 77cc 4 Stroke Glow Radial Engine

Evolution... PN# EVOE777

7-Cyl 35cc 4-Stroke Glow Radial Engine

Evolution... PN# EVOE735

72 AAC with Muffler (New Case): RR

Saito Engines PN# SAIE072B

82 AAC with Muffler (New Case): AB

Saito Engines PN# SAIE082B

9-Cyl 99cc 4-Stroke Glow Radial Engine

Evolution... PN# EVOE999

91 Special AAC with Muffler: K

Saito Engines PN# SAIE091S

91 Special AAC with Muffler: K

Discontinued/Sold Out

FA-115 AAC with Muffler: AL

Saito Engines PN# SAIE115

FA-120R3 4-Stroke Engine BH

Saito Engines PN# SAIE120R3

FA-120R3 4-Stroke Engine BH

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FA-125A AAC with Muffler: AG

Saito Engines PN# SAIE125A

FA-40A 4 Stroke Engine

Saito Engines PN# SAIE040A

FA-40A 4 Stroke Engine

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Saito Engines PN# SAIE062B

FF-320 Pegasus 4-Cyl Ringed 4-Stroke

O.S. Engines PN# OSM36410

FG-19R3 3-Cylinder Gas Radial: CB

Saito Engines PN# SAIEG19R3

FG-30B(180) 4-Stroke Gas Engine: BO

Saito Engines PN# SAIEG30B

FR7-420 Sirius-7 7-Cylinder

O.S. Engines PN# OSM37010

FS120III Pump Ring 70N Carb

O.S. Engines PN# OSM35540

FS155-A P Ring 70R F6020

O.S. Engines PN# OSM35430

FS56-A Ring 40NA Carb F4040 Muffler

O.S. Engines PN# OSM34300

FS62V Ring w/Muffler

O.S. Engines PN# OSM30600

FS72-A Ring 61N Carburetor

O.S. Engines PN# OSM34720

FS95V Ring 60P F5050 4-Stroke

O.S. Engines PN# OSM30900

FT160 Twin Ring

O.S. Engines PN# OSM36108

FT160 Twin Ring


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Priming Harness Set: DD

Saito Engines PN# SAI182TD159

Priming Harness Set: DD

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Saito Engines PN# SAIT57T30

Smoking Exhaust Pipe (2): BG, BT

Saito Engines PN# SAIG57T167