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WRXTL21B5PRO B5-Pro .21 Racing Engine

Werks Racing PN# WRXWRXTL21B5PRO

"Buggy" .21 Mach 2

Dynamite PN# DYN0897

"Buggy" .21 Mach 2 with Pull/Spin Start

Dynamite PN# DYN0899

.18 Inboard Marine Engine w/Super Start

SuperTigre PN# SUPSUPG0718

.21TM Revo Manifold ABC 11K-R Slide Carb

O.S. Engines PN# OSM12241

.21XM VII 3.46cc Outboard Air Cooled Marine

O.S. Engines PN# OSM13941

.21XZ-B V2 ABC

O.S. Engines PN# OSM12183

.21XZ-B V2 ABC


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.31 Gas Engine (5.1cc) W/CDI: 8B, 8T

Dynamite PN# DYNE0506

.31 Gas Engine:XXL

Dynamite PN# DYNE0500

.32 Marine Inboard Engine

Dynamite PN# DYN6450

1/10 Revo Exhaust Rebuild Kit

Dynamite PN# DYNP5097

1/8 Inline Exhaust Rebuild Kit

Dynamite PN# DYNP5098

101031 Aluminum Tuned Pipe

HPI PN# HPI101031

101031 Aluminum Tuned Pipe

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101256 Tuned Pipe Set

HPI PN# HPI101256

101256 Tuned Pipe Set

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1217D Speed 21ZX-B Spec II TY 110%

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1217D

1217E Speed 21XZ-B Spec II TY 110% w/T-2090SC Pipe

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1217E

15483 Hi-Flow Exhaust Muffler Fuelie

HPI PN# HPI15483

1A100 Speed R2102 On-Road 1/8th

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1A100

1A100 Speed R2102 On-Road 1/8th

Discontinued/Sold Out

1A300 Speed B2102 Competition Engine

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1A300

1AP00 Speed T1202 1/10 Touring

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1AP00

O.S. Engines PN# OSM1AW00

23cc Gas Engine w/Pull Start Complete

Duratrax PN# DTXDTXG0270

3552 Exh Pipe Rubber Metal Suspension

Traxxas PN# TRA3552

4007 TRX Pro .15 w/PS:Short

Traxxas PN# TRA4007

4010 Pro .15 w/PS Standard

Traxxas PN# TRA4010

4010 Pro .15 w/PS Standard

Discontinued/Sold Out

4452 Tuned Pipe Assembled Rustler

Traxxas PN# TRA4452

4940 Exhaust Header Blue T-Maxx

Traxxas PN# TRA4940

5140 Aluminum Header T-Maxx 2.5

Traxxas PN# TRA5140