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Servo Accessories

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1/2 Machined Aluminum Servo Arm:23TJ/A Red

Dynamite PN# DYN2536

10731 Alum CNC Servo Arm Blue JR/Fut/Air/Hi

Ofna Racing... PN# OFN10731

114 Small Servo Mount Hardware

Dubro Products PN# DUB114

120 Over-Ride Servo Saver (6)

Dubro Products PN# DUB120

3340 Long Dual Servo Arm Futaba (2)

Dubro Products PN# DUB3340

348 Hook & Loop Mounting Material

Dubro Products PN# DUB348

3D Arm Set (4): DS35

E-flite PN# EFLRDS354

3D Arm Set (4): DS35

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3D Arm Set with Screws(4):S75, HS-55

E-flite PN# EFLRS754

3D XL Full Servo Arm 4-40: JR

Hangar 9 PN# HAN3576

44427 HFP-30 Field Programmer

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC44427

44460 HPP-21 Plus Digital Servo Programmer

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC44460

55305 HS-646WP/5646WP Metal Gear Set

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55305

55316 HS-755MG Metal Gear Set

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55316

55414 HSC5996/5997/5998 Case Set w/o Heat Sink

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55414

55708 Servo Horn Set HS-35/45/50/55/5055MG

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55708

55718 HS-65 Horn and Hardware Set

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55718

55801 Servo Horn Screw Set Resin Gear (10)

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55801

55802 Servo Horn Screw Set Metal Gear (10)

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC55802

56403 Servo Gear Set HS-81

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC56403

670 Super Strength Arms FUT Long (8)

Dubro Products PN# DUB670

671 Super Strength Arms JR Long (8)

Dubro Products PN# DUB671

672 Servo Arms Long Hitec/Hobbico (8)

Dubro Products PN# DUB672