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14P Brushless 33x42mm Outrunner Marine Motor

Dynamite PN# DYNM3951

21-inch Alpha Patrol Boat

ProBoats PN# PRB08027

23" River Jet Boat: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08025

48"  Zelos G Catamaran: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB09004

Atlantic II Harbor Tug 2.4GHz TTX491 RTR

Aquacraft PN# AQUAQUB5726

Blackjack 24-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08007

Blackjack 29-inch Catamaran Brushless V3: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08011

Blackjack 9

ProBoats PN# PRB08001

Blackjack 9


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DCB M41 40" Ready-To-Race Catamaran, w/Tqi, TSM

Traxxas PN# TRA570464

Jet Jam 12-inch Pool Racer, Orange: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08031T1

Jet Jam 12-inch Pool Racer, White: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08031T2

Miss Geico 17-inch Catamaran Brushed: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08019

React 17-inch Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed:RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08024

React 9 Self-Righting Deep-V Brushed:RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08023

Recoil 26-inch Self-Righting Deep-V BL:RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08022

Shockwave 26-inch BL Deep-V RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08014

Stealthwake 23-inch Deep-V Brushed: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08015

UL-19 30-inch Hydroplane:RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08028

Veles 29-inch Catamaran Brushless: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08029

Volere 22 EP RTR V2

ProBoats PN# PRB3050B

Voracity Type E 36-inch Deep-V Brushless: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08018

Zelos 36 Twin Catamaran BL RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08021

Zelos 48-inch Catamaran BL: RTR

ProBoats PN# PRB08017

Mini Rio Offshore TTX300 2.4GHz RTR Yellow

Aquacraft PN# AQUAQUB45**

Mini Thunder Hydroplane TTX300 2.4GHz RTR Red

Aquacraft PN# AQUAQUB46**