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12V DC Power Adapter with Cigarette Plug

Dynamite PN# DYN5010

12V Peak Charger Reef Racer 2

Aquacraft PN# AQUAQUP9930

150mAh Wall Charger with Transmitter Adaptor

Spektrum PN# SPM9526

2-3 Cell DC Li-Po Balancing Charger

Parkzone PN# PKZ1040

20 AMP 6-Cell Discharger

Duratrax PN# DTXDTXP4320

20 AMP 6-Cell Discharger

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2S DC LiPo Balancing Charger

E-flite PN# EFLC3125

3-4S DC Li-Po Balancing Charger

E-flite PN# EFLC3015

3-4S DC Li-Po Balancing Charger

Parkzone PN# PKZ7040

400W AC/DC Balance Charger/Discharger

Hitec RCD Inc. PN# HRC44249

6S 22.2V LiPo Balancing Charger, 2.5A

E-flite PN# EFLC3120

7.2V 800mAh Ni-MH/Cd Wall Charger

Dynamite PN# DYN4051

AC Charger w/adapter wire:


AC to 12VDC, 1.5-Amp Power Supply

E-flite PN# EFLC4000

AC to 6VDC 1.5-Amp Power Supply

E-flite PN# EFLC1005

Accu-Cycle Elite Temperature Sensor

Hobbico PN# HCAHCAP0281

Air Alert Flight Pack Monitor

Hobbico PN# HCAHCAP0335


Balance Adapt 9" 2-5S: LOS BAT - DYN

Dynamite PN# DYN5017

Balance Adapt 9" 2-6S: THP BAT - DYN

Dynamite PN# DYN5018

Balance Lead Extension 9": DYN

Dynamite PN# DYN5019

Celectra 1S 3.7 Variable Rate DC Li-Po Charger

E-flite PN# EFLC1006

Celectra 2S 7.4V DC Li-Po Charger

E-flite PN# EFLUC1007

Celectra 4-Port 1-Cell 3.7V 0.3A DC Li-Po Charger

E-flite PN# EFLC1004

Celectra 4-Port Charger with AC Adapter Combo

E-flite PN# EFLC1004AC

Cell Master-7 Digital Battery Capacity Checker

Integy PN# INTC23858

Charger 9.6V 250mAh NiMH: 12X


DPS/VR-1 Dbl Gold Connector 4mm Male to Male

Trakpower PN# TKPTKPP5630

EC2 Battery Connector (2)

E-flite PN# EFLAEC202

EC2 Device & Battery Connector

E-flite PN# EFLAEC203

EC2 Device Connector (2)

E-flite PN# EFLAEC201

EC2 Device Connector (2)

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EC5 Battery Connector (2)

E-flite PN# EFLAEC502