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Scouting Activities / Pinewood Derby

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10013 Square Weight 2 oz (2)

Pine-pro PN# PPR10013

10027 Skulls Metal Fantasy Accessory Set

Pine-pro PN# PPR10027

10040 Spoiler Scoop/Roll Bar

Pine-pro PN# PPR10040

10041 Body Convertible

Pine-pro PN# PPR10041

10056 Wood Filler 1/4 oz

Pine-pro PN# PPR10056

10073 Decal Sheet Girl's

Pine-pro PN# PPR10073

10081 Bumper Set

Pine-pro PN# PPR10081

10201 Dlx Body Kit Big Pine Rig w/Wheels/Axles

Pine-pro PN# PPR10201

10203 Display Stand Kit

Pine-pro PN# PPR10203

10217 Body Set Super Box Derby

Pine-pro PN# PPR10217

Adjustable Stick-On Weights, 2 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN378

Pinecar PN# PIN3926

Pinecar PN# PIN458

Axle Keepers


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Bar Weight, 2 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN353

Body Putty, .05 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN3928

Body Putty, .05 oz

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Body Skin Custom Transfer, Camouflage

Pinecar PN# PIN3978

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Fire Starter

Pinecar PN# PIN3977

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Gator

Pinecar PN# PIN3979

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Psychedelic

Pinecar PN# PIN3986

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Smoke Screen

Pinecar PN# PIN3976

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Spider Web

Pinecar PN# PIN3983

Body Skin Custom Transfer, Tie Dye

Pinecar PN# PIN3984

Canopy & Cockpit Set

Pinecar PN# PIN346

Canopy & Cockpit Set

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Center of Gravity System

Pinecar PN# PIN3918

Chassis Weight, Four Wheel Drive 2.5 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN3910

Chassis Weight, Maximum Torque 2.5 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN3912

Chassis Weight, Rear Wheel Drive 2.5 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN3911

Chassis Weight, Rocket Car 2.25 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN3913

Cockpit & Driver, Mad Racer

Pinecar PN# PIN3920

Combo Weights, 2 oz

Pinecar PN# PIN354

Complete Paint System, Black

Pinecar PN# PIN3956