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Hard Wire & Cable Cutter

Hard Wire & Cable Cutter

Part Number: XUR2193HWAC

Brand: Xuron

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Xuron - XUR2193HWAC - Hard Wire & Cable Cutter

HWAC stands for Hard Wire And Cable. The HWAC is rated for hardened wire, music wire, memory wire and throttle cable. It does not require any special cutting technique. This is an ideal tool for crafters who need to cut a wide variety of materials. Use the HWAC Cutter like any cutter: place the material between the jaws at the desired location and squeeze on the handles. Cutting effort is minimal due to the tools' shearing action. Cushioned Xuro-Rubber™ grips for comfort and Light Touch™ spring action returns HWAC to its open position.

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Xuron - XUR2193HWAC - Hard Wire & Cable Cutter

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