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C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

Part Number: GPMGPMR2400

Brand: Great Planes




$ 22.99

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Great Planes - GPMGPMR2400 - C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

This is the Great Planes C.G. Machine Precision Aircraft Balancer. **Not designed for use with planes under 2 lbs flying weight**


Great Planes - GPMGPMR2400 - C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

  • Accurately balances your plane and set the center of gravity for maximum flight performance
  • Works for all types of airplanes that weight between 2 - 40lbs 0.91 - 18.144kg) flying weight
  • Level vial for accuracy


Great Planes - GPMGPMR2400 - C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

  • Medium or thick CA glue, hobby knife, phillips screwdriver, small metal file, threadlocking compound, 600 & 220
  • grit sandpaper, small 90 degree triangle, tissue or
  • paper towel and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner
  • COMMENTS: Available accessories to balance the airplane: GPMQ4485 Stick-on lead weights
  • GPMQ4640 1/4-28 Brass spinner nut 2.5 ounce
  • GPMQ4645 1 ounce spinner weight
  • GPMQ4646 2 ounce spinner weight
  • If the holes are slightly large around the rods, simply pinch them tight around the rods with a pair of pliers. (per R&D, AMC)


Great Planes - GPMGPMR2400 - C.G. Machine Airplane Balancer

  • Two Base black plastic (NYLON141)
  • Two Socket caps black plastic (NYLON138)
  • Two Rule holder black plastic (NYLON139)
  • Two Rule end cap black plastic (NYLON140)
  • One Level vial (LEVEL01)
  • One 1/2" x 3" clear plastic strip (LEVEL02)
  • Two Leading edge pointers (.074" x 2 1/2" wire) (WBNT262)
  • Two 2-56 threaded ball stud (SCRW072)
  • One 1"x1" double sided tape (FTAP001)
  • Two 1" self-stick round foam pad (FOAM002)
  • Two #4 x 3/8" sheet metal screw (SCRW043)
  • One Rule set (left and right, clear plastic NYLON142)
  • Two 1/4" x 16" upright metal rod (ROD003)
  • Two 3/16" x12" base metal rod (WIRES07)
  • One C.G. Machine sticker (STKER46)
  • One instructions (BALP01)
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