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Accu-Glo II Power Panel

Accu-Glo II Power Panel

Part Number: HCAHCAP0306

Brand: Hobbico




$ 29.99

Discontinued/Sold Out

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Hobbico - HCAHCAP0306 - Accu-Glo II Power Panel

This is the Hobbico Accu-Glo II Power Panel. This panel powers Starters, Chargers, Fuel Pumps, and Glow Starters and monitors condition of Glow Plugs. This Power Panel comes with a hard plastic case or can be mounted to any Field Box with a standard sized cutout for a Power Panel.


Hobbico - HCAHCAP0306 - Accu-Glo II Power Panel

  • Fuel Pump switch from original Accu-Glo was replaced by separate color-coded push-buttons for "FILL" and "EMPTY." Press once to
  • Start, again to Stop
  • Four LEDs, 11V, 11.5V, 12V, and 12.5V indicate Field Battery condition-an improvement from one light that glowed either Green or
  • Red on original version
  • Glow Starter Charger keeps unit fully charged at a constant
  • 300-400mA rate
  • Automatic Glow Power Management section tells when glow plug is fully charged and if plug continuity is good
  • Adjustment dial allows automatic glow heat customization to the model; once set the unit maintains proper heat regardless of glow plug's condition
  • Two year limited warranty


Hobbico - HCAHCAP0306 - Accu-Glo II Power Panel

  • Input Voltage: 11-13V DC
  • Input Voltage Indicators: Four LEDs
  • Starter Jacks-Output Voltage: 12V DC
  • Fuel Pump Controls: Yellow "FILL" pushbutton; Red "EMPTY" pushbutton
  • Glow Heat Power Circuit: Automatic heat adjustment
  • Glow Heat Status Indicators: "HOT" and "COLD" LEDs
  • Glow Heat Continuity Indicators: "GOOD" and "BAD" LEDs
  • Glow Starter Charger Current: 300-400mA constant current (not timed)
  • Glow Starter Output Jack: Glow driver mounting lug with LED
  • Fuse: 7.5A spade type
  • Weight: 8.3oz (235g)
  • Dimensions: 6" x 3.7" (152 x 94mm)


Hobbico - HCAHCAP0306 - Accu-Glo II Power Panel

  • 12V battery, use HCAP0800


Hobbico - HCAHCAP0306 - Accu-Glo II Power Panel

  • One Hobbico Accu-Glo II Power Panel with two alligator clips, two
  • Black and two Red banana plugs, two plastic plug covers, four
  • M3x10 self-tapping screws to mount panel to Field Box