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Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

Part Number: GPMGPMA0236

Brand: Great Planes




$ 169.99

Discontinued/Sold Out

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Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

This is the Great Planes Extra 300S Aerobatic .60 size Sport-Scale Kit. The Lightness of the Airframe, Allows it to Virtually Leap Into the Air. Tracks Like It's Wire-Guide Whether Flying Straight and Level or With the Crisp Precision of Square Loops Snapping With Start and Stop Command. THROWS: hi low Weight: 7 - 7.5lb Ele 1" u/d " up/dwn Wing loading: 21.7-23.25oz/sq ft Rud 2" l/r 1" l/r Fuselage length: 54.25" Ail 5/8" up/dwn " up/dwn Fin area: 80.38 sq in Stabilizer area: 153.25" CG 4-1/8" fr LE @ root of wing Stabilizer span: 24.57" +/- 3/8"


Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

  • The fuselage plans are 75% Size instead of full size. The wing plans are full size.
  • The replacement nylon adjustable engine mount is GPMG1091.
  • Decal sheet EXT6D01 sold only through GP Manufacturing includes:
  • Two 4" x 1" Red & Blue stars with "motion" stripes
  • Two 4" x 7/8" Red, Black & White Great Planes logos
  • Two 2" x 2-3/8" GP Aerobatic Team logos
  • Two 1-3/8" x 7/8" Red, White & Blue American flags
  • Two 1-1/8 x 11/16" Red, White & Blue American flags
  • Two 5" x 11/16" White Extra 300S logos
  • One 5-5/8" x 1" Black, Blue, Red & White instrument panel


Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

  • Simple D-tube wing construction and a Lock and tab fuselage
  • Twin aileron servos, giving more control authority and simplifying installation.
  • Twin metal elevator pushrods for precision adjustment and rigidity.
  • Option for twin elevator servos, simplifies radio set up, tightens linkages, and ensures enough servo power for the larger of the recommended engines.
  • Balsa sheeted turtle deck requires little sanding to get true shape
  • Large fuselage for easy radio installation, with enough room for a smoke system that would make an air show performer proud.
  • Heavy Duty 2-piece ABS cowl and detailed instrument panel
  • CAD generated plans and photo-illustrated instructions
  • Duraluminum landing gear with strong, torsional mounting rails


Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

  • Wingspan: 64"
  • Wing Area: 744 sq in


Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

  • Engine: .61-.90 (2-stroke) or .91-1.20 (4-stroke)
  • Radio: 4+ channel (twin ail & twin elev can use channels 5 & 6)
  • Servos: 5-6 (6th servo is optional 2nd elevator servo)
  • Two 12" servo extension wires (two for ailerons)
  • Two Y-harnesses (one for ailerons and one for elevators)
  • Two-rolls of main color covering and one-roll of trim color covering and matching paint.
  • Misc. Items: fuel tubing, 12-14oz tank, propeller, " foam rubber,
  • 1/16" wing seating tape, 2" spinner, two 2" wheels,
  • 3/16" wheel collars, easy fueler, 1/5 scale pilot, building and field equipment.


Great Planes - GPMGPMA0236 - Extra 300S .60 Size Kit

  • All wood to build the kit, pushrods, hardware package, ABS cowling,
  • Butyrate canopy, photo illustrated instructions, CAD generated rolled plans, pre-formed Duraluminum main landing gear and ABS wheel pants.