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Pull Cable Kit/Fittings,12'

Pull Cable Kit/Fittings,12'

Part Number: SUL521

Brand: Sullivan Products

Discontinued/Sold Out

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Sullivan Products - SUL521 - Pull Cable Kit/Fittings,12'

Twelve feet of 100 Lb Strength Kevlar® with eyebolts, crimp tubes, Gold-N-Clevises and other hardware.

Pull-Pull setups take a little more time to install than push-pull rods, but yield a strong control system with virtually no play. These are especially popular for rudder and elevator controls in pattern and other competition aircraft.

The Kevlar® type is easily installed, strong, light weight and nonconductive. It is suitable for all pull-pull systems.

All hardware except bellcranks and control horns is included.


Sullivan Products - SUL521 - Pull Cable Kit/Fittings,12'

  • strong control system
  • virtually no play