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HO Possum Hollow

HO Possum Hollow

Part Number: WOOTS151

Brand: Woodland Scenics

Discontinued/Sold Out

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Woodland Scenics - WOOTS151 - HO Possum Hollow

  • Trackside Scenes are designed specifically for the person who wants the utmost in fine quality craftsmanship, intricate detail, and authenticity.
  • This is not simply a model of a single item, but of a complete scene!
  • Designed to be easily assembled.
  • Everything necessary to complete a scene covering up to 200 square inches.
  • Over 80 highly detailed white metal castings including:
  • -Caboose Assembly -Man & Woman
  • -Outhouse Assembly -Laundry
  • -Fuel Tank Assembly -Tanks
  • -Washing Machine -Wood Pile
  • -Refrigerator -2 Dogs
  • -Lots of Junk Piles
  • There are many extra white metal castings included to serve as added details to enhance your scene. Use your imagination, the variety of possible arrangements is what makes your particular scene unique.
  • Two colors of turf: Earth (fine) & Green Blend (blended).
  • 7 trees, green Foliage, wooden ties, window material and card stock.
  • Detailed assembly instructions with illustrations.


Woodland Scenics - WOOTS151 - HO Possum Hollow

  • Scale: HO 1:87