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71250 Daytona Coupe #59 Clear

71250 Daytona Coupe #59 Clear

Part Number: AFX71250

Brand: AFX/Racemasters

Discontinued/Sold Out


AFX/Racemasters - AFX71250 - 71250 Daytona Coupe #59 Clear

  • Will fit almost all AFX bodies that previously came on Super G+,
  • SRT and Racing Turbo chassis'
  • Clear front, side and back windows
  • Lowest and narrowest chassis ever made
  • Low center of gravity
  • Car stays in the slot longer with the exclusive extra long tapered guide pin
  • Lighter, stronger and out-handles with the unique Monocoque chassis
  • Level 30 Neodymium ground effects magnets
  • Gets more power to the motor with the high conductivity phosphor bronze pickup shoes
  • Super strong and tough nylatron chassis
  • Precision balanced armature
  • Polymer motor magnets
  • Collector series - Clear