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E-Glide - QEGGIPWR - GI Powerboard

E-Glide has worked for over a year on a new design of powerboard that would incorporate pneumatic tires along with low deck height, and would out carve any electric skateboard ever built.

The problem with all the of the big pneumatic tire equiped powerboards is the design which incorporates a high deck, excessively wide trucks, and large tires which are acceptable offroad, but diminish the traditional skateboard "feel" of the powerboard.

The higher the deck, the higher the center of gravity.

As the center of gravity is raised, handling, carving ability, and rider feel is diminished. Compare it to a low profile sports car going around a race track, compared to a jacked up SUV. It's similar with a powerboard, a high deck feels like your standing on a ladder compared to a low deck, which allows you to carve hard and feel confident.

The wider the trucks, the less responsive the board is to carving. It becomes more like a power platform, and looses it's closeness in feel to the skateboard.

E-Glide built all kinds of prototypes, using different decks, truck designs, tire/wheel combinations, motor mounting systems, chain drives, etc. They motorized the Carveboard, MBS mountainboards, tried different motor plate systems, battery mounting configurations, and just about anything you can imagine. They finally came up with a design that handles unbelievably, uses pneumatics (you can actually inflate these tires to 110PSI), and has a low deck design.

The guys at GroundIndustries, who make the most innovative dirtboards and kiteboards in the world, had developed a truck called the Bionic Truck, which was the key to allowing us to produce this low deck/pneumatic tired board which had kept eluding us.

The trucks are not cheap, they retail for $160 a pair, but the center pivot torsion truck design, which allows for different stiffness densities (six stages from soft to hard), provides a ride that has to be experienced to be believed. You can dial in the trucks for your weight and requirements.

The end result, and pictured here, is the E-Glide GI. This is the best "carving" electric skateboard ever built.

Everything about this powerboard is custom, and expensive, and it is being offered on a VERY LIMITED basis. It is truely a Rolls Royce of powerboards.

Ships from our CA warehouse.


E-Glide - QEGGIPWR - GI Powerboard

  • Heliarced aluminum battery box with skidplate (batteries mount for and aft, rather than side by side)
  • Ground Industries Bionic Trucks
  • Ground Industries Deck
  • High Pressure Pneumatic Tires
  • MBS Rockstar Aluminum Mag Style Wheels
  • 750 watt/ 1100 watt peak power, 36 volt motor.
  • Industrial grade European electronics which are warranteed for one full year.

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